Universal joint shafts

HAJDO s.r.o. has signed an agreement to operate an authorised UNI-Cardan Service workshop with its long-standing partner and supplier, GKN Austria.

GKN Service, UNI-Cardan Service

These are the names used by the GKN Group for end user service centres

  • - Repair of universal joint drive shafts for trucks of local and foreign provenience using original spare parts
  • - Manufacture on new universal joint drive shafts
  • - Manufacture of custom-made universal joint drive shafts and constant velocity shafts for industrial applications
  • - Servicing of agricultural machinery, sale of new COMER drive shafts, gearboxes and spare parts
  • - Repair of drive shafts of all makes
  • - Repair of universal joint drive shafts for cars, light transport vehicles and off-roads
  • - Sale of U-joints crosses and central support
  • - Sale of car parts

Manufacturing and service equipment

  • - HAJDO disassembly, assembly, straightening and welding line
  • - CO2 welding with ALFA IN 450A semi-automatic welding machine
  • - SCHENCK HGW 20 BU dynamic balancing machine, length 6000 mm, 0 – 6000 RPM

Range of universal joint drive shafts for:

Trucks and commercial vehicles, passenger cars, construction machinery, industrial machinery, pumping systems, agricultural machines, forestry machines, water transport.


Universal joint drive shaft (with length compensation), tube drive shafts (without length compensation), intermediate drive shafts (with central support), main drive shafts with centring device, H-form drive shafts, universal joint couplings.


We receive client requests by phone 24 hours a day including weekends. We guarantee availability of repair facilities 24 hours a day, both during the week and at weekends.

Spare parts:

Crosses, yokes, flanges (carriers), hubs with flange, semi-axle joints, semi-axles, steering components, suspension shock absorbers.


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