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Inventory of HY and PNEU


Thanks to their ideal shape, WALPRO coupling systems connect pipes safely and tightly. When fitting a coupling, two blades of the WALPRO ring get a grip of the pipe and firmly clutch it. At the same time an internally tapered slip-over nut deforms the profiled cut-in ring just enough to allow the pipe's bending stress to be countered.
Sealing in radial and axial direction is achieved by wedging the ring between the pipe and the coupling's neck.
Progressively increased torque guarantees high safety and reliability of the fitting. Pipe couplings can be installed and de-installed repeatedly as needed.
The WALPRO coupling system parameter can be achieved only if original Walform parts are used and the fitting is done in accordance with installation instructions.


High tightness, safety and stability make the Walform system the ultimate level of hydraulic coupling. We offer supply of components, installation and/or borrowing of the Walform machine (including tools and training).

Stainless steel couplings: Material type 1.4571

ARMOURED HOSES and accessories for hydraulic systems and lubrication according to DIN standard

Armoured hoses allow safe coupling between moving parts of piping systems.
When selecting hose coupling, we recommend checking the following criteria:
Resistance against the medium, pressure and temperature, bending radius, external forces and stress pulses, external wear and tear, fitting conditions, sealing type and safety.

End pieces available in: Stainless steel, galvanised steel.

Connections available:

  • - Metric end pieces with 24° taper
  • - Universal metric end pieces
  • - Metric end pieces with 60° taper
  • - End pieces with Whitworth thread
  • - End pieces ORFS
  • - L/S screw socket
  • - Hollow bolt connectors
  • - Compact pressed end pieces
  • - End pieces with connection flange

To select the right hose, check the following parameters:
permissible pressure, nominal internal diameter, ambient temperature, compatibility with the medium, valves to be used.


  • - Agricultural machines and equipment
  • - Construction machines and vehicles
  • - Lifting equipment and mechanisms
  • - Plastic processing machines
  • - Forestry machines and equipment
  • - Steel mill and rolling mill equipment
  • - Machine tools
  • - Presses – chipless machining
  • - Machine tools – chip machining
  • - Rescue works tools
  • - Lifts


  • - Interior storage must be cool, dry, dust free and must allow ventilation
  • - Exterior storage with protection against weather is not permitted
  • - Temperature for storing rubber products depends on the goods stored and elastomers used. Rubber products should not be stored in temperatures lower than -10°C and higher than +15°C.
  • - Heating: Rubber products must be protected against sources of heat
  • - Humidity: Relative humidity should preferably be below 65%
  • - Lighting: Protect against strong light
  • - Storage and manipulation: No stress, no tension, compression and deformation
  • - Cleaning: With soap and warm water.


HAJDO s.r.o. has comprehensive inventory of hydraulic pipes with external dimensions from 4 mm to 42 mm diameter.

Pipes specifications:

  • - Cut to exact dimension, drawn pipes (seamless), and annealed


  • - Cold bending
  • - Joining using profiled cut-in rings
  • - Forming using Boardel and Walform systems

Pipes design:

  1. Phosphated: DIN 2391 section 1-C, material 37.4, design NBK – 3.1B
  2. Zinc-chromate primed: DIN 2391 section 1-C, material 37.4, design NBK – 3.1B
  3. Stainless steel: DIN 2391 section 1, material 1.4571


  • - Correspond to dimensions of hydraulic pipes. Serve for fixed attachment. Conform to DIN 3015.
  • Made by RSB.
  • - Correspond to dimensions of hydraulic pipes. Serve for fixed attachment. Conform to DIN 3015.
  • Made by RSB.


  • - Polypropylene + steel
  • - Polyamide + steel
  • - Aluminium + steel

For pipes dimensions 6 mm to 18 mm diameter we also offer simple stainless steel fixtures of our production.


Made by Hajdo, allows bending of pipes of diameter from 6 mm to 22 mm.


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