3D measurement using portable equipment

We measure using 3D portable arm CimCore7525 – 2.5 m. We can measure with accuracy of ± 0.020 mm (point repeatability) and ± 0.029 mm (spatial accuracy).
For each measurement we can issue the certificate with measured values.

CIMCORE measuring armsm

Portable measuring arms caused the revolution in the area of three-coordinate measurement. These measuring machines make 3D measurement quick and simple. For the first time a new CIMCORE absoluteArm measurement method has been used for portable measuring arms. It does not require the axes initialisation before measurement. The absolute measurement simplifies the operation: Once the arm is switched on, it is ready to make a measurement.

Properties of measuring arms

Measurement arms have carbon construction. They are perfectly controllable and safe due to rotating handles and a function that allows the arm to work the same way as the mouse on the monitor. The optional accessories include lighting of the measured part or integrated digital camera. The arm with a reach of 2.5 m weights 7.7 kg and is perfectly balanced, so that no operators fatigue occurs during work. The tool control is intuitive with a steep learning curve so that even person with beginners skills in the area of coordinate measurement can easily after couple of hours handle even challenging measuring tasks.

Continuous rotation

Continuous rotation around basic axes of the machine allows to easy control even hard to reach places.


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